Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dearest fellow vigilante's,

We're all back safely from our west coast tour. 109 hours and 48 minutes and 7128.42 miles in 15 days.

Not going to say much this time (going to let the pictures below speak for themselves). But to have EVERY show we played on tour be fucking righteous is something we have never experienced. Not one bad fact L.A was even awesome (who knew).

There was a lot of effort that went into making this so successful, huge thanks to Smash, Brian, Joel and everyone that surrounds there worlds. We met absolutely amazing people on this trip from all over the country. The usual bitter the_Network did not come back that way this time.

We were also lucky enough to have the almighty J.Pettinato with us "documenting our brand of scum" (sweet full cirlce with the blog).
You can check out all the photo's from the tour here...

But if you're too lazy for that check this...







SEATTLE (again)

Looking ahead, we have some plans for March shows. We won't be doing anything in Feb but you can check out the myspace for anything upcoming.

thanks so much to everyone that reads these posts!



Anonymous said...

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The Path Less Traveled Records said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. That's quite a run going to CA and back! Glad it went well.