Sunday, June 8, 2008

writer's strike

First post...last post? we'll see. This has started as something I've aways wanted to do, chronical how/why, etc.. a full length album is created. Our little piece of worthless art that fixes everything in our everyday struggle with coping with social akwardness, depression, sleepless nights and overall dis-pleasure with how society has let it's fat, lazy, comical self go.

Right now I sit on the eve of one of the hottest days I can remember here in NH. Hot, sticky, sweaty and cripling. I figured placing a hot laptop on my lap would at least solve one of my ever growing lists of to do's. I'd like to say I'm going to be really good at this, keeping updates updated, pictures visually interesting and spelling mistakes to a minimum...all these things will most likey be intermediate at best. But my hope here is to actually and accuratley chronicle to our newest full length. Currently writing is in the very begining stages with each member of the_Network froathing at the mouth to create our brand of scum.

With the hopes of not spilling all the beans here right away what I can say is that this space and blog will serve to document whatever we see fit about how the new full length is coming along. Right album title, no song titles and only 2 songs actually written. We are very much void of anything and everything right now and are artistically very much inspired. Where this inspiration leads us will become more evident in further entries?

What I do know is that the new stuff is definitly going in a little of new direction. Since the last one "this is your pig's portrait" we've had a new singer and bass player join, adding a lot to the writing process and overall sound in general. Louder, yes!

more updates to come...hopefully some pic's next time and a patience for spellcheck.


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