Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat Wave


It's official, NH is in a heat wave. So what do we do, myself and kev get in my fuel efficient corolla and head straight to the beach. But this time there is no surfing, no swimming, only straight buisness. We were headed to Salem, Ma to do some research. Godcity is our destination! We were invited by the kind folks that inhabit trap them to to sit in uncomfortable quaters and observe there brand of the death roll. From what we could hear through the various bits of feedback and distortion this stuff will surely be made for the awesome!

The_Network is having some serious anticipation about recording already and the trip down to godcity not only served as some good times hanging with friends but also the possibility of filling those same walls with our own brand of scum. Of course myslef and kev couldn't say more then two words to Kurt before feeling very humbled and completly intimidated.

We're thinking about getting in there sometime before the first month of the next year, whenever that is we have no idea right now. But with three songs already done and only seven or so more to go the possiblity of getting in the studio is becoming more evident, assuming Kurt wants to work with five new scummers....more on that soonish.

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