Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some of us have started other projects in the down time we've dug for ourselves. Proverbial away time from our moms and dads as we're calling it. The parental Network needs it's alone time every now and again kids.
more on these projects later...

Might post a deadguy song we covered/recorded a few months back. Yes, we covered THAT one, don't worry we are aware. Check back and it just might be interneted here.

We're playing one more show this summer near mid august then I'm going to South America for a good while while the rest of the netwookie's rot into routine.
Then later this year we're all traveling to South East Asia for a tour lasting a few weeks. I'll get into the details later but they're somewhere on the internet in a very secret location..."internetcache"

summer is here. GO OUTSIDE, REACT!


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