Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way too many last minute shows..fuck it

April 30th
The Charleston
Brooklyn, NY
starts around 8-ish. Anyone thats ever been here knows that is a lie. Starts more like 9ish or whenever the first band is brave enough to play.
Not sure what it costs but if you look like you don't give enough of a shit they'll prob let you down there for free.
w/ a bunch of bands I could give a fuck about. I'll be upstairs drinking with the rest of you.

May 1st
Troy City Tavern
Troy, NY
10 bucks
w/ Advent

May 2nd
242 main st
Burlington, VT
10 bucks
w/ Surrounded by teeth and Astronomer

May 6th
The Ant Cellar
Lowell, MA
w/ Hivesmasher and the binary code
this is some assholes basement if you want to get in and think you're cool enough to be stuffed in a basement called the ANT CELLAR please by all means get in touch with us

May 11th..going to let the flyer say it all. THE best flyer I have ever seen. Thanks Yanni!

May 12th
Club Oasis
Worcester, MA
w/ The Iron Sloth and more
no idea about the details, we played here once before and it sucked assuming this will be a repeat.

May 13th
Providence, RI
w/ The Iron Sloth and more..see flyer

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