Sunday, March 28, 2010

non-juried exhibition's, late passes and recording soon..?

We're trying to play less shows..honestly. However things don't always go as planned. We're kids that grew up hating ourselves and turned into men that can't shake the good ol' pain stick embedded on our brains. With that said, come make fun of us here...

April 30th, UAG, Albany, NY

May 1st, Norwood Hall, Potsdam, NY

May 2nd, 242 Main st., Burlington, NY


May 11th, Anchors up, Haverhill, MA

May 12th, Club Oasis, Worcester, MA

May 13th, AS220, Providence, RI

Also we've decided to join the rest of you idiots and share all information that is pointless and convoluted over at

You know the, follow, react, stop moving, wither away your legs and eat till you someday get on Tyra Banks!

Get diseased.

About recording soon...we'll be doing that sometime this year! More stuff to be said later.

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Rich Horror said...

Love the flyer, boyos.