Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vampire track marks.

So a few months after a year since I started this blog and now it's come to this. Actual hard copies of the CD, actual hard copies of THE vinyl and posters, shirts, patches, pins (maybe! after losing two shipments already in the mail) and a TOUR coming up. Things are indeed happening!
We played the kick off record release show last night at a friends house. Very fitting venue for us. Myself and Kev lived on court st (where the show was) almost 8 years ago to the date when we started this band with Tim. After 8 years, touring around the world and countless ups and downs we couldn't be more excited to play for our friends on our old stomping grounds.
This is all we've wanted to do since we started this whole fuck parade we call the_Network. And last night put things in perspective again. We're not a band that likes playing stages or likes playing in front of a shit on of people. From the beginning it was always about playing for your friends and doing what we wanted, on our own without anyone telling us what to do. Not sure where I'm going with all this...but last night brought some proper rage for a fitting second full length record release.

I'm sure photo's will arise soon, but what I can say (as I sit in my blood soaked shirt) is that teeth were lost, beers were thrown and shirts were taken off.

This is the limited to 30 (YES only 30) record release vinyl...I think there might be a copy or two we stashed away. If anyone is interested get in touch over at endtransmission@hotmail and we'll do our best. The proper vinyl will be released in the next few weeks via closed casket activities. Check back and order directly from closed casket activities.

Click the image below to order the CD version from Blackmarket activities directly...

Some new shirts are available including the one below. We're not selling any of this stuff online so come out to one of the shows and grab it yourself.

Tour starts oct 2nd in Austin, TX with Robotosaurus..get into it. and yes the map is correct that is a long drive from NH to TX...vanarchy!


The Path Less Traveled Records said...

Congrats on the new album! Good luck on tour as well.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

When will that vinyl be in full release. Me wants.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, good to hear from ya!
The Vinyl version should be making it s way from the pressing plant to our filthy scum ladened hands within the next week or so. I'll prob post something on here soon with the details. talk soon.