Friday, August 14, 2009

CD/LP Release Show

We'll be giving away these screen posters to the first people that purchase a cd and/or lp at the september 11th release show till they are gone. We're only doing a limited number since there free but come out, rage and mosh hard.


Just repsect the space. Alex was/is nice enough to host this one off event at his home and we want to make sure the place is still standing after the show.
Hopefully see everyone there..!

If you need the address, message us at or drive up and down court st in Dover, NH till you find your scumfuck friends.

updated 11JAN10: Just found some photo's from this small show. Some of my favorite photo's I have ever seen of us playing are in here (for reason's that might seem obvious to the people that were there). If not just look at all the smiles. So many friends and a few memories that will stay with us till we also pass. RIP burg.

For the complete photo set click the link

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